Free Resources

Welcome to free resources!  These resources are provided to you at no charge to be a blessing to you and your youth ministry from:

You may make as many copies as you need for your personal use or for your ministry and you may share them with others. However, the downloading of any free resource is with the agreement that it will not be sold, uploaded  to a website or made available in any other format. 

Documents include: Programs, devotion sheets, help with camps and much more. You can look through all the free resource documents here or search by clicking a color coded category below. Enjoy!

Ken and Julie Moser 


FREE RESOURCE: Step-by-step training for one-to-one discipleship (1 July 2014)
NEW FREE RESOURCE: German Translations "I am sayings of Jesus" x 6 from "Studies 2 Go" (1 July 2014)
FREE RESOURCE New Idea in “Welcomes – ways to start youth group” (28 October 2013)



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