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Fun ain't the answer

This article examines the unusual commitment churches have to "fun" in youth group and suggests some other goals we should aim for as well as an alternative approach.
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Giving your group a name

What's in a name? Does it matter what our youth group is called? Is there anything we need to consider when naming a Christian youth group?
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Is it time to knock down the building and start again?

This is an excerpt from the book Creative Christian Ideas for Youth Groups by Ken Moser. Available for sale on this website.
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Kids 'at risk'

Working with 'at risk' kids can be a difficult task. After six years of working in a church with many 'at risk' kids, here are some lessons that we learned along the way.
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Livin’ by a new doctrine

It is a challenge (based on Psalm 46) to all of us, especially those in youth ministry, to reconsider living a 'busy' life.
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