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Spotlight (or sharing) questions

This is a list of questions designed for a "Spotlight" (Spotlight is like an interview) however, you can use in any kind of sharing or mixing activity. They are laid out so that you can cut them up and place them in a sharing question jar.
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Sunday School program for children

It is important that the children’s program and the youth ministry in your church have some overlap in content so that the transition between these groups is smooth. There are many ideas and activities in the Effective Youth Ministry youth group programs that are adaptable for ministry to younger children. This program is an example of how you can adapt these ideas for your children’s ministry.
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The best way to grow is to keep what you've got (how to bring in "flow")

This article is an excerpt from the book "Changing the world through effective youth ministry". It outlines the best way to grow is to keep what you've got.
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Time to Etch-a-sketch your youth ministry. Re-dreaming Youth Ministry

Some reflections on the state of youth ministry today and some thoughts on how to move forward.
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Welcomes - ways to start youth group

This free resource contains a list of some creative ways to start youth group in a way that brings the group together and makes it clear that the group is about relationship with each other and relationship with Jesus.
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