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Camp Schedule

This free resource is a detailed schedule for running your own weekend camp/retreat.
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Changing the World Through Effective Youth Ministry

This book is designed to help you put in place a program that will work for you not against you. It will help you think about your goals, shape your program and run meetings that will help bring solid growth.
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Chaos to Community

How do you change a group from Chaos to a Christian community that knows how to relate and be in fellowship with one another?
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Creative Christian Ideas

This book is designed to be a resource to help you run weekly youth gatherings that are clearly Christian, promote good relationships, and are enjoyable at the same time. Packed with ready-to-go ideas for your youth group. Solid, enjoyable ideas that your youth group will love!
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Death and Resurrection

These 6 youth Bible studies will help you understand the most important event in history – the death and resurrection of Jesus. As we study this important event in history we will come to see how it has big consequences for us today.
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