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Foundations for Christian Living

Foundations for Christian Living is a set of 6 youth bible studies designed to help young people grow in their faith and shine for Jesus. They will help develop habits that everyone needs to be a strong Christian and keep your faith healthy for the rest of your life.
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Four week youth group program

This free resource is a 4 week program created from the ideas collected in the free resources on this website as well as ideas from Creative Christian Ideas and Programs 2 Go.
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Fun ain't the answer

This article examines the unusual commitment churches have to "fun" in youth group and suggests some other goals we should aim for as well as an alternative approach.
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Giving your group a name

What's in a name? Does it matter what our youth group is called? Is there anything we need to consider when naming a Christian youth group?
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Guidelines for camp cooks

This free resource is a list of guidelines that you can print and give to cooks and assistant cooks who help you on your youth camps and retreats.
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