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Luke: Carry Your Cross

Carry Your Cross is a set of 6 youth Bible studies on the radical teaching from Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. Be warned: these studies are not for the person who wants to follow Jesus only on Sundays or Friday nights. If you want to follow Jesus with all your heart—these studies are for you!
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Luke: Jesus' Parables

Luke: Jesus' Parables is a set of 6 youth bible studies that look at some of the most famous stories ever told. Each one carrying a powerful message that teaches us what it means to follow Jesus!
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Luke: Who is Jesus?

Getting to know Jesus is the greatest thing a young person can do, and the Gospel of Luke is an excellent place to start. In these six studies, you will learn about how powerful Jesus really is.
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Memory Verse Activities

This document is a collection of memory verse activities designed to help your group memorize God's word in a fun and interactive way.
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Mix and Match Bible Studies Sample Pack

If you purchase a set of 10 Bible Study booklets of any title you receive a discount. With the Mix and Match Bible Studies Sample Pack you can choose any titles you wish and the number per title up to 10 books.
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