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Predicament - Parties: sex and alcohol

This free resource is a "Predicament" sheet for teaching your young people what the Bible says to the Christian person when they are at a party and face pressure to do things they know they shouldn't. The verses are directed at sexual pressure and abuse of alcohol.
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Predicament Instructions

Predicament is a creative program idea for teaching your young people what the Bible says we should do in particular situations or "predicaments".
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Programming for miracles

We must make sure our youth groups are built on things that promote God’s work.
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Programs 2 Go

Wondering what to do in youth group this week? Want to run a Biblical style of youth ministry but don't know how to do it? Programs 2 Go will give you 18 programs (including 2 evangelistic programs) that will help you meet your goals. Everything you need for a weekly meeting.
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Do you ever find it difficult to know how to pray? When life is ‘up and down’, is it difficult to trust God knows what he is doing? These studies look at how God’s Old Testament people called on him in good times and bad, so today we can learn to do the same.
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