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Sample Pack of 10 Bible Study Booklets

Sample all 10 Effective Youth Ministry Press Bible Study booklets listed for sale.
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This free resource is a simple bible study on self-image. Ready to photocopy!
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Spotlight (or sharing) questions

This is a list of questions designed for a "Spotlight" (Spotlight is like an interview) however, you can use in any kind of sharing or mixing activity. They are laid out so that you can cut them up and place them in a sharing question jar.
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Starting From Scratch

This free resource outlines a step-by-step guide to starting a youth group from scratch. Some of this material is based on Appendix 3 of "Youth Evangelism" by Ken Moser.
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Starting Out

Starting Out is a set of 6 studies that are designed for young people who are just beginning to explore the Christian faith or need answers to some important questions.
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