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Time to Etch-a-sketch your youth ministry. Re-dreaming Youth Ministry

Some reflections on the state of youth ministry today and some thoughts on how to move forward.
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Welcomes - ways to start youth group

This free resource contains a list of some creative ways to start youth group in a way that brings the group together and makes it clear that the group is about relationship with each other and relationship with Jesus.
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Work Rest Play

These Bible studies are designed to help you to work in a way that honors God, rest in order to stay strong as a Christian and be a witness in your leisure activities.
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Writing a Youth group talk

Is it your turn to give the talk at youth group this week?! This free resource will give you some practical guidelines on preparing a youth group talk.
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Young Men

Young Men is a set of 6 bible studies designed to tackle some of the key issues facing young men.
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