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Young Women

Young Women is a set of 6 studies that deal with some of the issues facing young women today. These studies will direct you to what God has to say in His Word (it even includes a bonus study on how to drive in a way that honors Jesus). If you are running a small group for young women, these studies are for you!
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Youth Evangelism - eBook

How do we reach out to young people in a way that is honors God, is in step with the models of evangelism in the New Testment AND is effective? Youth Evangelism is full of practical ideas to help you engage in effective evangelism to the young people in your church and community.
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Youth Group Program on Friendship

This is a detailed program for your youth group to teach on the topic of friendship.
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Youth Programs for Anglican Youth

This free resource provides a discipleship model of youth group designed for Anglican or liturgical youth. It includes a basic program as well as programming ideas that that can be inserted to give your youth meeting a creative and interactive edge.
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