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A Guide to writing a Youth Bible study

This free resource provides helpful guidelines on how to write a youth Bible study.
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Building to Grow (the youth leadership training manual)

This downloadable (PDF) training manual is designed to equip you in both the theory and practice of biblical youth ministry. It is an easy to use, step-by-step resource for you and your leadership team.
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Changing the World Through Effective Youth Ministry

This book is designed to help you put in place a program that will work for you not against you. It will help you think about your goals, shape your program and run meetings that will help bring solid growth.
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Chaos to Community

How do you change a group from Chaos to a Christian community that knows how to relate and be in fellowship with one another?
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How to lead a discussion group

Learn how to lead effective discussions and get tips on dealing with tricky situations you may face when leading groups.
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