Do you find yourself scratching your head and wondering, “What are we going to do in youth group this week?” Worry no longer. Programs 2 Go is all you need for a youth group meeting of any size that …

>is Christ focused

>builds solid Bible knowledge

>encourages fellowship

>delivers a complete program, different week by week

>is fun for both kids and leaders!

Read the leader’s notes, photocopy the running sheet and off you go!

“I’ve used these programs and they work. They are simple to follow and the concepts don’t require a theology degree! Bottom line is my small youth group loved them. Rooted in the Bible and Christ focused, this is an excellent tool for youth leaders with programming block or just searching for help. And the quiet times and discussion group sheets are a real bonus.”

Duncan Robinson

Youth Minister

Macquarie Chapel Presbyterian Church

“A great resource for the youth leader looking for weekly youth group programs that are profitable, personal and pleasurable. Filled with good content designed to make your life easier and your youth group even better. I highly recommend Programs 2 Go.”

Graham Stanton

Dean, Youthworks Children and Youth Training College

Sydney, Australia

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