"Writing this book has proven to be more difficult than I had planned. I lost even more hair and drank way too much coffee. It was hard because, let"s face it, evangelism is hard. A number of us have tried valiantly for years to bring numerical growth to our youth groups and it just seems like the whole thing may be too difficult. Some of us ache for the lost yet we have people in our youth groups who seem not to care. Others struggle with insecurities and fears about reaching out. Most of us have experienced the pain of running events and no one shows up. We have a minister or elders who tell us repeatedly that the youth group should be a lot bigger than what it is now. Finally, many of us are realizing that the evangelism strategies we have been taught are not productive in bringing the results we hoped for. In the end, it seems to me that many of us are struggling to see a real increase in numbers over the long term, especially in the area of reaching non-Christian young people from unchurched families." - Ken Moser