Briercrest College and Seminary Youth Ministry

Ken is the Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry at Briercrest College and Seminary. His specialty is the formation and programming of church based youth ministries. His classes include: ‘Foundations of Youth Ministry’, ‘Discipleship and Evangelism’, ‘Ministry Skills’ and, ‘Leadership Training’.

Briercrest has a number of options for training in youth ministry. For more information please go to:

Click here to view Ken"s Youtube presentation about the Foundations of Youth Ministry course (YM 191).

Online webinar

Here is an online webinar by Ken through Young Anglican"s Project on "Relationships that transform."

Click here to view through Young Anglican"s Project which includes a simple outline, or click here to view on the Young Anglican"s Project Youtube channel.

Regent College Youth Ministry Audio lectures:

In this course we think strategically and biblically about youth ministry today. We examine various models of youth ministry; their strengths and weaknesses. We examine what the Bible says about ministry and how we can form a youth program that is both effective and able to work in today’s culture. -Ken Moser

Click here for more information.

Personalized Training:

Personalized training can be arranged for your church or local area. To organize a training event please contact us.